Hello my name is Karey Scott and I am a communication and digital media specialist. I communicate with audiences through media such as, photos, videos, blogs and social media. In my free time, I work on my own photography business called SkottyVisuals. 


Growing up in the social media era, it was only natural that I received a DMI degree from Texas State University. DMI or Digital Media Innovation is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) -designated program. Focusing on the Technology part, photography and apps like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gained traction in the world. Being a creator allows me to market myself or a brand on social media to help bring awareness to businesses. In addition to working as a multimedia and social media producer at KTSW 89.9, I believe communication is key to getting the brand awareness to consumers.

Achieving a B.S. in Digital Media Innovation and Mass Communication with a minor in art, I found a new passion for photography and filmmaking. Growing up, I played sports and  considered myself a critical thinker. I found that I still use my critical thinking when I’m taking pictures, so it felt natural picking up a camera. I am currently freelancing work for clients and building my portfolio. I will enjoy networking with everyone along the way.